Each cannabis seed belongs to a numbered production lot that is handwritten on each individual package.
In this way we are able to certify the freshness of the product.

It often happens in fact that large seed banks produce and package, then ship to distributors and in turn to retailers who, after a more or less short time, sell to the final customer.

All this exposes the product to aging and risks due to temperature changes.
Midwest Cannabis Seeds is a manufacturer based in the Midwest USA. It ships by air, to its European headquarters, products packaged in triple-wrapped airtight containers to avoid damaging temperature fluctuations.

Top of a cannabis plant grown under LED light


In about 5 days the seeds arrive at our EU warehouse to stop very little time.
Each production batch displays a date and the customer can always check the packaging on the website or by sending us an email.

If the seeds are dated, the customer can request a free replacement.


Midwest Cannabis Seeds sells directly to the grower through e-commerce, while in the territory through a network of specialized dealers and selected to ensure the freshness of the product.

Each package is sealed to prevent product replacement.

That’s what makes us unique:

  • We select with maniacal care every male and female we use in the production process;
  • Every cannabis seed is as healthy as the plants that generated it;
  • We continue to develop and hybridize, test and germinate, non-stop, because it’s our passion;
  • All of our cannabis seeds are produced in the Midwest and exported by air to Europe from where they are quickly shipped to end-user and commercial customers;
  • All production batches carry verifiable dates;
  • Our genetic lines consist of a variety of hybrids with abundant flowering, terpenic (especially if you use LED lamps) with very fruity aromas and rich in active ingredients;
  • California Seed Banks: If you think the quality of Californian cannabis seeds is inimitable then you have come to the right place: Alchemist, our breeder, has been working with the most emblazoned;
  • Californian seed banks since the days when cannabis was still prohibited in the States.

We do not purchase seeds from third parties

Midwest Cannabis Seeds is certainly not among the cheapest seed banks on the market.
However, if we want to compare quality and careful selection with the final price, combined with the quantity and quality of the product generated, we believe we can say that few seed banks can really compete with us.

Anonymous shipping and absolute discretion.
Each package is wrapped in an anonymous and sealed envelope to ensure total discretion about its contents.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
At Midwest cannabis seeds, strong in the knowledge that we offer a high quality product, we can promise customer satisfaction. A direct email support line will ensure a response in case of dissatisfaction.

High quality standards that only artisan production can offer.
Unlike many seed banks, we do not buy and package seeds; we produce them with effort and passion.

This is why you will sometimes find the words “not available” on the site.
Producing cannabis seeds in an artisanal way brings with it limited product availability. The quality of the products, the customer service, the after sale service that we offer makes us unique. All genetics are produced in the States and to be precise in Michigan, in the area between Detroit, Allen Park, FlatRock. Our soundtrack is Motown!

We do not purchase seeds from third parties.


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