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Alchemist, and therefore Phytolite, is not interested in mass production.
We are neither able nor interested in becoming one of the major players in the market.
We don’t care and can’t sell seeds to everyone.

What we like is to hybridize on a stable foundation.
We like to make money with our work, certainly, but not with quantities.
For us, quality and stability make sense, quantity a little less.

Working in slow motion, without haste, as Alchemist has always done, we manage to produce seeds of excellent quality, selected and stable.
For this reason, sometimes the products offered on our site are not available.
It’s not possible to have all the genetics ready to go if you do things slowly and carefully enough.

Phytolite LED Lighting

  • Organic potting soils, organic nutrients and Phytolite LED lamps. Maniacal care of every single hybridization;
  • The origin of all our seeds comes from 2 breeders, Alchemist, the founder, and Joy, his right hand man;
  • The original genetics are derived from selections and phenotypes chosen for their main characteristics, terpenes, amount of active ingredient, flowering time and resin production;
  • All the seeds go through a very hard selection process: looked at and visually checked, discarded or accepted in order to always offer the best quality and the highest probability of success in germination and production;
  • We store the seeds at controlled temperatures, between 6 and 8° C (43/46° Fahrenheit) and relative humidity around 20%;
  • We keep samples of each genetic to be able to count on the traceability and control of each lot. The prices of the seeds may vary depending on availability and timing, the production is ARTISAN AND NOT INDUSTRIALIZED, this allows us more control and quality at the expense of quantity and continuous availability;
  • Packaging is done by hand.


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